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Body Contouring Tampa Fl

Body Contouring Tampa Fl
This is a another great video about how to get the perfect shape at Dr. K’s Med Spa.

There are many options when it comes to body contouring in the Tampa Bay area. Many people decide to try liposuction even though there is a lot of downtime and the risk of infection from the puncture wounds in their bodies. Sculpsure by Cynosure is the latest and greatest new technology for your body contouring needs. Sculpsure is a laser based technology which has a 98% success rate in the United States, it works with all skin types, and there is no downtime.

Don’t put yourself through the pain of liposuction. This is a very risky procedure which can lead to all kinds of problems. With Sculpsure there is no skin penetration and the only sensation you will feel is warm and cold. To get your free consultation on the most advanced body contouring technology in the world you can contact Dr. K’s Med Spa. Dr. K’s med spa has performed more Sculpsure procedures than almost any other facility in Florida.

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